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I had recently heard of the museum opening from the SL blog entry by Pathfinder Linden, and as a fan of Wright’s architectural works, I was glad to be able to virtually visit them in Second Life.
Images from my tour of the FLW museum
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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Robie house at University of Chicago in person, and can now revisit the experience, a few things were missing, but the building itself was pretty much the same.
To visit, click here for the SLurl link – brings you to the Museum entrance
They currently have the following buildings to tour:
  • The Frederick C. Robie House of Chicago, IL,
  • the Herbert Jacobs house 1 of Madison, WI;
  • the Herbert Jacobs house 2 also of Madison, WI,
  • The Edgar Kaufmann house of Mill Run, PA and
  • the Seth Petersen Cottage of Lake Delton, WI &
  • a recreation of the Water Dome foutain from The South Florida University of Lakeland, FL
They also plan to be adding additional Wright homes and buildings on a rotating basis

Home on GurshiWhen i first created my Secondlife account several months ago, I didn’t have the best experience as my internet was slow and the grid had so much lag. So, I stopped using Secondlife and sold my original land plot.

However, now that I’m back in and want to explore the world further, I decided it was time to get another plot.

I just purchased a 512 sqm plot on Gurshi. My wife, Heavenly Barkkorn and I decorated the plot with items we accumulated.

Stop on by to visit. I’m on from time to time. If you would like to meet with me some time, IM me.

Home on Gurshi

Jeremy BarkkornJeremy Barkkorn is my name in SecondLife. This is my first blog entry. I plan to use this blog to record my thoughts and experiences using SecondLife.

I first entered “the grid” a few months ago and didn’t do too much as my internet access was slow and the grid itself seemed to have incredible lag issues.

I see now that the system seems more stable and now I feel more able to take advantage of the benefits of using the SecondLife system.

As a web developer, I see a lot of potential in merging the technologies of the standard web pages with secondlife technologies.

It has been said that the future of the internet is a Secondlife, or a metaverse environment… that maybe one day all browsers will function much like the secondlife world browser does now. Time will tell. The following is my journey into this world…