Recently we re-developed a meeting/ Secondlife presence for our client We have been doing some “in world” Secondlife marketing to get the
word out about the Lifenaut’s free service with some success. We decided that it
may be a good idea to start hosting presentations of the service and how to use
it within Secondlife to interested inhabitants. We created this meeting center
for Lifenaut for this purpose. Below you will the outside view of the building
where the meetings are held…

Lifenaut - Secondlife - Front of building

Lifenaut - Secondlife - Front of building 2

When you enter the building you are in the seating/presentation area. This is
where you would sit and watch a movie, slide presentation or interact with
others and the presenters. We customized the building to suit the client’s
needs, landscaped the surrounding land and installed the presenter screen and
computer to run it. We also trained the clients to run the system and to be able
to present to their users.

Below is a photo of the seating/presentation area…

Lifenaut - Secondlife - Meeting and conference area

Here we have an area set aside for small meetings/presentations, or for
people that may run the slides while the presenter talks or chats with the

Lifenaut - Secondlife - small meeting area

Most recently the client used this area to hold their annual board of
directors meeting as this can be a very affordable and easy way for members that
live far from each other to collaborate, hold discussions and present to each

Below is a snapshot of me (or at least an avatar of me) in Secondlife outside
the Lifenaut meeting area sitting on a fountain I setup. This is area is open to
the public to view. If you have the Secondlife software installed, click here:
Lifenaut New User Center. If you don’t have the software,
download it here: Secondlife Download. If you would like me to help you out
getting started, let me know and I can give you a tour!

Lifenaut - Secondlife - Jeremy Barkkorn

If you are interested in using Secondlife to interact with your
clients/customers, contact us and we can
help you setup a presence in Secondlife and train you and/or your employees and
how to hold meetings, presentations or advertise to Secondlife residents.

Home on GurshiWhen i first created my Secondlife account several months ago, I didn’t have the best experience as my internet was slow and the grid had so much lag. So, I stopped using Secondlife and sold my original land plot.

However, now that I’m back in and want to explore the world further, I decided it was time to get another plot.

I just purchased a 512 sqm plot on Gurshi. My wife, Heavenly Barkkorn and I decorated the plot with items we accumulated.

Stop on by to visit. I’m on from time to time. If you would like to meet with me some time, IM me.

Home on Gurshi

Jeremy BarkkornJeremy Barkkorn is my name in SecondLife. This is my first blog entry. I plan to use this blog to record my thoughts and experiences using SecondLife.

I first entered “the grid” a few months ago and didn’t do too much as my internet access was slow and the grid itself seemed to have incredible lag issues.

I see now that the system seems more stable and now I feel more able to take advantage of the benefits of using the SecondLife system.

As a web developer, I see a lot of potential in merging the technologies of the standard web pages with secondlife technologies.

It has been said that the future of the internet is a Secondlife, or a metaverse environment… that maybe one day all browsers will function much like the secondlife world browser does now. Time will tell. The following is my journey into this world…