I had recently heard of the museum opening from the SL blog entry by Pathfinder Linden, and as a fan of Wright’s architectural works, I was glad to be able to virtually visit them in Second Life.
Images from my tour of the FLW museum
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A few years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting the Robie house at University of Chicago in person, and can now revisit the experience, a few things were missing, but the building itself was pretty much the same.
To visit, click here for the SLurl link – brings you to the Museum entrance
They currently have the following buildings to tour:
  • The Frederick C. Robie House of Chicago, IL,
  • the Herbert Jacobs house 1 of Madison, WI;
  • the Herbert Jacobs house 2 also of Madison, WI,
  • The Edgar Kaufmann house of Mill Run, PA and
  • the Seth Petersen Cottage of Lake Delton, WI &
  • a recreation of the Water Dome foutain from The South Florida University of Lakeland, FL
They also plan to be adding additional Wright homes and buildings on a rotating basis